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tv   [untitled]    March 11, 2013 8:30am-9:00am PDT

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up. julie bernel, natalia bushayer. >> henry, carneloist k >> aman do johnson, je. na pell. adam hall. (inaudible) please come on up. push >> please come on up to the microphone and that one. my name is julie pernell and i am a san francisco resident and i am supporting the halls in their business operation at 1 polk street. i am a richmond resident and the halls are my down stairs neighbors and so i have known them for three years and i can tell you with 100 percent support that they will be a huge addition to this neighborhood as business owners. i also in my professional life i have been in the hotel and restaurant business for the past 25 years, and i work for
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hotel companies that go into emerging neighborhoods and reuse buildings that are in the neighborhood and create businesses in an emerging neighborhoods. and i can tell you that a business like the beer hall, that not only is a wine and a beer bar, in addition to an off-sight, or selling beer and wine, to go, it will be a huge benefit to this neighborhood. it will have a i believe a snow ball effect of other businesses coming to this area and satisfying the current residents and employees in the neighborhood. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please? >> hi. name is natalia, i am opening a new business and i am waiting for the new zoning to go through. and i am met them at somba and i am very excited about the beer hall, they are great, they are going to be great colleagues. i am also a huge beer fan.
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i am in the restaurant scene in san francisco and i am planning on opening up a restaurant, and boutique hotel in western soma and the craft beer scene that is exploding for the past five years is insane and i think that the ipas are the best in the world and i am here to say that. i think that that going to bring a lot to the neighborhood and excited to go there personally and i think that it is a destination place and avid seller and beer and i am excited. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker. >> mr. cronoliwitz. good to see you here. >> thank you. i am here, president of the (inaudible) and food association and also of the san francisco council of district mer khents associations. for the longest time this part of san francisco is a neglected area and nothing really happening there and it has been shady. so i would applaud jen and drew
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for coming in and helping to revitalize this area. i think that it is going to be a great establishment and we will know that (inaudible) is moving in and the residential building built across the street and it is going to be a great destination and a location for others. one thing that we really like about the beer hall is that it is not going to provide employment just for people that will be working there but also, what it will be doing is it will be outside this hand craft beers will be provided beer to this establishment. so you will be creating work for other small businesses. so you can have other smaller and brewerries that will be providing the beer to this establishment and also the wine, so i urge you to please approve this. i think that an off sale will be good again if you are living in the area and you want to drop by and grab a craft beer or a wine and you can take it
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with you to wherever you are living. i urge you to please approve this, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please? >> my name is stella and i have a company where we create happiness experiences for other corporation and their employees. i was from new york six months ago and jen was the first person that i met. she is essentially introduced me to everyone that i know in san francisco and she has helped me grow my business through participating in a weekly master mind group. what i want to say about their endeavor here that it is not just another place for people to meet, it is actually an extension of who jen and andrew are, which is creating a sense of home and a sense of community. through the people around them. and this beer hall is not going to be just a place for people to get a drink, it is a place to people to exchange ideas, create new friendships, and
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really start a new movement in this community. i'm from new york and i'm kind of scared to walk through this neighborhood right now. and seeing the beer hall, would make me feel really awesome. in terms of participating, and walking down the street. so, i really urge you guys to consider. >> thanks. >> supervisor mar, do you have a question? >> i just have a quick question, you quickly said that your business creates happiness. i am curious if you could say what you do, i would love to know the secret? >> i studied positive psychology and what i do is i create experiences of play, so that we have people come and splash around in paint and break things and scream in trucks to relief the stress and essentially, through being really present and playful, we see an elevation in their well-being and it is really fun. >> you show that positive psychology is discussed in city hall not usually, so we
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appreciate it. >> next speaker. >> good morning, my name is amanda johnson and i am a long time resident of san francisco and a home owner. i actually live up the street off of market and in the triangle area. i have known jen for a while now, and i used to work with her at my former job. and she is just a wonderful entrepreneur and has fantastic ideas and when i heard that the two of them were going to open up this fantastic bar idea, actually in the neighborhood that i am now contracting in, it provides a wonderful place to go after work other than the starbucks that is across the street. and i think that it is a place where i can get to know my new fellow employees. and have a little bit of down time to unwind and actually drink beer which i think is
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something that is new and unique to the area other than wine, which we see in a lot of places. so, i am excited to see this corridor area become revitalized through their strong efforts, and design, and i hope that you will approve this new establish. e >> next speaker, please? >> good morning, i'm gena pell and i echo every sentiment that is revitalizing the neighborhood and i am here to really vouch for jen she and i worked from 2010. she has vision and follow through and you can see that she is very making everything work around here. i think that bringing the beer hall to this area would not
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only revitalize the area and draw the clientele that would be vital to the area and i am not sure about this debate about taking away the business from other owners who sell liquor because i think that the artist and craft beer is different than selling bud light, i like everyone here is who is in support of the beer hall i hope that you approve the business and allow for the sales of liquor in the establishments to carry away as well as drink there. >> thank you, next speaker. >> i am the brother-in-law of jen and i want to thank you for having us here, what i want to talk to you about is the importance of the off-sale license. i currently live in mission bay, which similar to mid market where it is new apartments and condos coming up but not really any
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infrastructure as far as restaurants, a place to grab a drink and a place to buy alcohol and a place to buy a sandwich besides going to subway, i think that this is going to be a huge addition to the mid market area, what is really nice about it, is it gives you an opportunity to grab a nice bottle of wine and take it home for a dinner party and buy a six pack of beer and take it to another from your business, to your home. >> i have to go out to safeway or whole foods and that takes my business and my money out of that area. i think that it is so key to have it in mid market and in your own home and area, it revitalizes the whole neighborhood. so, i hope for the best, thank
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you very much. >> i am the committee director of argenta at 1 polk street, we are the future home where the beer hall will be located. we have 179 units there, 400 residents and argenta is considered one of the best communities in the area as well as san francisco. we are a huge support of the beer hall, we recently held a residential meet and greet on tuesday and we had the largest turn out of our residents that we have ever had in any of the resident events and there was a huge support with all of the prospects that i meet outside, and the revitalization of having this here is a tremendous growth for the civic center area and one of the new developments of nema and all of the other communities it will be a positive community place for all of them. so we really support the beer hall and hope that you will do as well.
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>> thank you. >> i am in support of the beer hall and i have known the family and we have worked together on several construction sites in the city and the last one was for a special needs people on polk and octavia. and i am all for this beer hall and i am all for the take out, because i have been to a couple of them in the city and i know that people go in and have a good time and they want to take something home that they have enjoyed. and i know that it is the success of the business is really hindging on that with the investment that they have to put into it and i want to thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. >> my name is eric white and i previously lived in and worked in the area for several years,
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i want to express my strong support for opening the beer hall with a full license, the neighborhood bar and store such as this and we had great asset which has been neglected. small businesses such as this is just what the neighborhood needs to continue the exciting revitalization under way. when i worked here, the co-workers and i would go out for drinks and we would usually be forced to go to downtown and upper market area to find a bar that is comfortable, safe and inviting and serves comfortable products, it would give us a place in the neighborhood and feel good about supporting a local small business in my community. you can compare the beer hall selling craft beer to a liquor store pedaling liquor and i think that it is not to mention unfair, this is a sophisticated establishments where you can purchase all kinds of craft beers at wine. there are no stores like this and i urge you to allow them to
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have a license. i have known them for 20 years and they put all of their heart and soul and not to mention the financial resources into the beer hall and i think that they have deserve the opportunity to make it successful for themselves and community. >> next speaker. >> thank you,. >> hello, i live in san francisco and i walk through this particular neighborhood on the way to and from work. seeing the recent development and revitalization efforts is a welcome site as this area is often and as many of the others have mentioned as seen as fair share of neglect over the years. i believe that introducing new small businesses into this area will help to expedite the process of improvement and in the positive growth that is now occurring. i am here to soundly express my support for the opening of the beer hall not only will it be an asset to the community as it will serve to fulfill the need for the businesses and also be
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an asset to the people who live or work in this area and will encourage the people to visit the neighborhood as well. i understand that the fear and hesitation of opening a business that serves and sells alcohol in this neighborhood. i worked for a non-profit organization just a few blocks away that serves many of the economy disadvantaged and challenged people that reside in this area, the concern is valid. >> however, this is not a place of business that will cater to that previously mentioned fear, i believe that the neighborhood will benefit from the beer hall being given the full 42 license, it will be directing the especially niche business to people such as myself, hard working folks who desire a convenient place to meet with friends, business partners and co-workers. i place of business that on the only offers the ability to commune with others and relax, but also a place that enables people to purchase specialty craft beer and wine for home consumption. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker
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please. >> i am a co-founder of the tech start up in the area. and i am here to you know, express my strong support for the beer hall. and i can also say that i have known jen and drew for a very long time. and in fact, i owe them for meeting my wife and so i feel like, this is not just a business this is a passion for him. they have poured their heart and soul into this business. it is only going to provide the economic stimulus to an area that clearly needs it. currently, our company culture and the business that i worked in is very tight. and we go out for drinks a lot and unfortunately, where our office is, we either have to go up market or down market. there is not a lot of places in the area that we feel comfortable and safe going and i think that the beer hall will
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be an essential part of the revitalization of this area and i hope that you will consider this and firmly support it. >> thank you >> and let me read a few more names. >> brian johnson and brian forester who just spoke, and anastasia, macocos? >> and veatuam and lean. leda. >> next speaker please. >> thank you, for this opportunity. my name is kelley, adelacon i work with first republic bank and so i am in the group and so i handle the lending needs of many businesses here in san francisco and so i understand, finance what it takes to be successful. for a small business. the business cash flows, and etc.. and i definitely believe that the ability to purchase beer from the beer hall and carry it off-sight is going to be very
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critical to the success of the beer hall a very important secondary revenue stream. i have also known jen and drew for over seven years and i know them to be of the highest character and they will work very hard for this. thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> my name is jim and i am here to show my support for the beer hall and i have been following the craft beer scene for quite iwhile now and so when they told me about the plans to open the beer hall i was excited. i knew that they were going to be filling the need of offering the local craft beers to the growing number of new and discerning craft beer drinkers and offering the beers that the typical bar or store does not offer. the last couple of years i have watched them tirelessly as they worked on this project and how excited they are to be a part of the neighborhood revitalization effort. the excitement has made this to
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me and see it come to fruition, as it has exploded over the recent years, and so has the need for a knowledgeable place, where you can learn and taste and importantly take home your craft beer to take home the beer into the comfort of your own home. >> and finally i have known drew my whole life and you will be hard pressed to find a better guy and he is fair and honest and he has shown strong character and integrity and everything that he does done in life. i am sure that the way that he treats his customers will be no different. >> thanks. >> thanks, next speaker? >> good morning, my name is alex, i don't know andrew and jen once i heard that they were opening a beer hall in the area i was definitely supportive about it because i worked at fox plaza doing the leasing and the first thing is that the people ask what is around and there is nothing around, i think that with the beer hall down stairs, it would be great for the neighborhood everybody always talks about their
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revitalization of that area, and market street and you can't really just do it based on building new apartments and housing around, you also have to build, businesses and the type of people that are living in new condos and apartments, are really not going to be okay with going to a liquor store or a grocery store they like these kinds of things with craft beer and wines. >> next speaker. we have been joined by district six supervisor. >> leann letta and i am the leasing agent at the apartments. as they noted we did have a really great event the other night. we had over 60 residents in support, they are constantly asking me, when is the beer hall going to open? they are excited to be able to stop by after work it is not an easy sale that this is an up and coming neighborhood, i think that once this business comes in it will just start a chain reaction and i am really
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excited to see what is going to happen. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker. >> i am running (inaudible) and i have been living in san francisco for 7 years. i am here to support an idea of business which i think will bring some positive energy to an area of market that needs a serious face lift. i have known jen and drew for two years and i know how knowledgeable they are about beer, and how good they are to share the passion and enthusiasm. and this is why i think that the business has to be supported. because it is going to bring some vibrant energy to the market. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker? >> my name is nasad and i grew up with andrew and we went to college together where he and jen met. i cannot agree more with the points that have been made and i want to make additional points and i know that since november, they have been trying to contact the police
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department in regards to their objection to the off-sale of the beer and wine. so i believe that this gentleman may be out of the loop on that one and the space that they are into at the bottom ground floor is a vacant space. there will be the first tenants in there so before the argenta went up, which is a tall business, maybe there was a business there, six or seven or eight years ago, i am not sure how long it was. but may have had something to do with the incidents that he is referring to. but i am in support of the beer hall and i hope that you guys are too. >> thanks. >> next speaker. >> my mame is veat weni and i am a senior finance adviser and own two vietnamese restaurants and trying to open a third one here in san francisco and i am strongly support the idea of to the beer hall and once in a while you hear the ideas say wow, san francisco, you open up to plenty of different ideas
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and something different and in this area, you know, i want to try to take the clients out or meet my fiance down the street there is nowhere to go besides prime ribs or... there is no place to go. and we just want a place to go and just have a beer and if you allow the beer we want to buy something to take home that is the idea that i have not really seen anywhere and i am in strong support and there is no better people that more dedication than jen and andrew. and they worked so hard and they pour their heart and soul into it and i hope that you open up to allow them to get this, you know, to be part of the community and for safety purpose, i am very familiar with that, that is when i opened my restaurant, in the san francisco downtown san francisco, the business that was not much going on and we came in and now, everybody know that the area and everybody ought to come and people from all over the places come and
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eat in my restaurant and we try to open a third one in san francisco. so, trying to bring the business in and trying to improve the area,... will make it better and not than just get things worse. i hope that you provide support for jen and andrew. thank you very much. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker. >> good morning, aran poplar, revitalization seems to be the theme of the morning and i am going to speak on that as well as someone who has gone to school in the neighborhood and subsequently worked here and it is always been about doing my thing during the day and leaving and going elsewhere to meet up with colleagues or classmates and i think that the beer hall would really fill a niche that is missing at this time and as a supervisor, pointed out, you know, this model has worked to revitalize other areas and the beer hall is unique and in that it is a gathering place, and also, a place where you can get
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education, about what you are drinking and i think that that is why the off-sale liquor license is important so you taste something that you like and you can take it with you, also, maybe you don't have time to sit down, you can take something home, and enjoy it later. so it brings that add ad business to the neighborhood as well. to speak on andrew and jen, you know for them, as they said is the family business. business is like this succeed if there is a reciprocal relationship of respect between the owners and the neighborhood. and i know that they will bring that to this neighborhood and to how they run their business. so, i strongly encourage you to support the beer hall. >> thank you. >> thank you, ma'am. >> next speaker? >> jim woods. survey (inaudible) it is a small brew pub at 18th and church. i have known jen and andrew for
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three years, and their passion for craft beer is real, i have been talking to them throughout the whole process. and i think that many people know that there is kind of a renaissance of craft beer going on in the bay area as evidenced by places like city beer and a lot of the up and coming breweries and this is just a trend. the prime example and oakland just approved the provisions on college avenue and actually granted them a variance which was an unusual step. but the point is that a lot of municipalities are not wanting to get in the way of this movement and to have this off-sale ability is a key thing for their business to thrive, like a lot of the other examples that have already been mentioned. i strongly support their application. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> i am soma tenatn, fourth generation san franciscoan and i am opening up a restaurant in april on (inaudible).
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i think that these guys are part of the help for a solution to revitalization. the area right now, i can't help but think of amsterdam from the wire and i was walking down the street this morning and i was talking to the guys at swan oyster depot telling them that i was going to a hearing where is the location. and they were like it seems like the city would rather have homeless people over there that are not paying taxes instead of working class people who are paying taxes and thirsty. >> you are like having great department buildings over there and those are faceless venture capitalists and here you have two people that are going to be there every day and it will be working with the neighborhood and it seems like they are going to follow all of those guidelines and make it clean, and clean from graffiti and this is positive. and i don't think that we should be stopping it. >> thank you. >> thank you, next speaker? >> excuse me, thank you, good
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morning. my name is chris la page and i am a native of san francisco. over the years i have seen the landscape of the city change with the times. i believe that the mid market civic center corridor is both ready to modernize the image, although it has been plaqued with crimes decreasing. the foot traffic shows this, with respect to the crime, my years of experience in the nightclub and bar security fields will help jen and drew to develop a coherent and flexible security program that addresses the needs of the hall as well as the neighborhood in general. the proposed beer hall at 1 polk would be an asset to the neighborhood in both a business and community sense and i strongly support this. >> thank you, next speaker. >> my name is matt maloney and
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i own a business in san francisco and i am all for businesss in san francisco and creates tax revenue and gives people employment and the concept is reliance on the off sales as far as i understand, they are very, very nice people. they are starting a small family, they have a small family, and i think that i am 100 percent behind it. thank you. >> thank you. is there any other member of the public that would like to speak? if so, please come on up. mr. paulson it is good to see you i have not seen you in a while. >> good to see you supervisor campos. >> i see you in the newspaper. >> i can see polk street looking fast in its faded jeans and i hope that you keep the city really green. ♪ sun down you better take care ♪ if i find you's been creeping down polk street back stairs
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♪ sometimes i think that it is a shame, and polk street is gone through so many achange ♪ >> music picture a bar ♪a verm uth they can make ♪and i hope that it turns out really, really liquor license great ♪ sun down, you better take care ♪and i find you you've been creeping around the polk street back stairs. ♪ >> going ahead and fix your liquor license, and go ahead and treat a beer to have a friend, and give it to a change, and i hope that you fix it up from polk street number one and to the end. and i hope that your dreams all come through with a liquor license too. and a morning you


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